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august 18, 2021

As you guys know, I’m getting really close to my birth due date at the beginning of September. My baby bump is beautiful showing, my partner and I are excited to meet our baby girl soon, and I can’t believe how time has gone by so fast. Pregnancy has not all been a great time, sometimes I felt uncomfortable, and I thought it could be fun to go through the 3 stages of my pregnancy and share my pregnancy experience.

1. trimester (week 0-12)

I found out I was pregnant by having menstrual cramps, without having my period. I did have nausea and felt sick, but I was sick a lot, and this sickness was not anything special from what I was used to, and I had already taken a pregnancy test a week earlier, which came out negative. Afterward, I felt normal, until the famous “morning sickness” came to stay. I’m telling you, it’s not only morning sickness, but it’s also a “full day sickness”. 3rd trimester was full of pain too, but 1rd was 100% the worst period of my pregnancy. Some women don’t really feel sick in their 1st trimester and have little or no morning sickness. Other women vomit the whole day and have to spend most of their day in the bathroom. The only good thing I can say about morning sickness is, that it’s natural – caused by the increasing hormones, your baby will not be affected by it, and that it will go away in the 2nd trimester.

2. trimester (week 13-26)

I was feeling so good during the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy! This was a time where my morning sickness was slowly declining, my body was starting to get “used to being pregnant”, and I felt more energetic. Although, there were some days and weeks, where I was hit by tiredness, and slept almost the whole day. It was a nice time, since you don’t have to worry that much about losing your fetus after week 12, and you can slowly see a little baby bump. You also have had your first and second scanning of your baby and can fall in love with that picture of your little baby. At the beginning of my 2nd trimester, I started to get some water in my body, which is natural, and my feet grew 1 shoe size, and I couldn’t fit my finger jewelry anymore. For about a week, I was sweating a lot during the night, due to the pregnancy hormones.

3. trimester (week 29-40)

My belly finally started to grow, and there was no doubt that I was pregnant. My belly is generally small, which means that I still can tie my own shoes, and I’m not physically challenged by my baby bump. I have gained 10 kgs during my whole pregnancy, and I’m not bothered by water in my body. 3rd trimester was all fine until I started to get extreme lower back pain, strong menstrual cramps, feeling warm, and having nausea. I got tested for cystitis and pelvic inflammatory disease, but my tests came back negative, and everything looked fine on paper. So, neither the doctor nor the midwife knew why I had these pain symptoms for 4 days. My baby girl’s heartbeat also seemed normal. I would wake up in the middle of the night, having pain for 30 min. – 1 hour in a row, and getting the pain every 2-3 hours. Luckily, the pain disappeared after 4-5 days, but I had to cancel my baby shower, and it was scary that no one knew why I had been in pain. Although my midwife told me, she was sure the pain was caused by my baby getting lower and getting prepared for birth and has “dropped” in my pelvis. I’m close to my birth term, and I pray for a healthy child and birth without any complications.


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