My 8 Favorite Things To Do In Autumn

oktober 3, 2021
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It’s no surprise that autumn is one of my favorite seasons. My spirit animal might be a sloth, because I love to lounge around and creating cozy nests in my home. I’ve gathered my favorite things to do and wanted to share them with you. The list could easily be longer, but I need to control myself, haha.


Bake all kinds of fall treats

Autumn is the perfect time to stay inside and bake all things pumpkin, cinnamon, and apple flavored treats. Get my Cinnamon Roll recipe here.

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Go on long scenic walks

Put on your jumper, coat, and scarf and go on a long walk with your partner, friend, dog and enjoy each other’s company talking about everything or nothing and get that fresh autumn air and feel energized.

Decorate your home for fall

Every season I bring out my fall decorations, buy some new items, and decorate my entire home. It brings such comfort and looks so pretty every day. I love coming home to this level of coziness.

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Bring out all those comfy sweaters

Oversized and soft jumpers are the epitome of fall! And I love everything about it. The many varieties of colors as well, such as burnt orange, mustard yellow, and warm red are absolutely beautiful.

Drink lots of hot chocolate

Fall and Christmas are times of warm delicious beverages. Specifically hot chocolate. I just can’t get enough of this cocoa liquid. Chocolate is rich in flavanols which improve your brain function and boost your immune and cardiovascular health.

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Read classic fall inspired books

Create a cozy nest and wrap yourself in a blanket with the perfect fall book. Here are some classics: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone | The Legend of Sleepy Hollow | Wuthering Heights | Frankenstein

Bring out your fall scented candles

We all know that a fall candle is the absolute peak candle experience. With all the lovely scents of leaves, birch, pumpkin, cardamom, cinnamon, and much more.

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Go on an adventure and bring your camera

Explore your town. Go places you’ve never really been before. Experience it through the beauty of autumn. Capture this beauty through your camera.

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  1. Svar

    Katarzyna Zaród

    oktober 5, 2021

    I love autumn <3

    • Svar


      oktober 6, 2021

      It’s the absolute best <3

  2. Svar


    oktober 6, 2021

    Long walks during autumn are one of my favorite activities in this time of year.

    • Svar


      oktober 6, 2021

      Yes! It’s so beautiful and the fresh air is amazing!

  3. Svar


    oktober 6, 2021

    Beautiful and cozy photos!
    My favorite season is summer, but I confess that autumn has its charm, and I also love to stay warm and drink lots of hot chocolate or coffee!
    I loved your blog, very inspiring! ♥

    • Svar


      oktober 7, 2021

      Summer is a lovely season aswell, I have to agree! Thank you so much for the kind words! 🙂



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