Let’s Talk 90’s Fashion

august 2, 2020

Since the 90s fashion is killing it out there, I thought I would show off two 90s outfits of my own. When talking about the 90s fashion, I have to point out overalls, crop tops, scrunchies, hoop earrings, chokers, flared jeans, sexy school girls set, hip hop, and grunge style.

One thing that pops up in my mind, when thinking out the 90s, is of course the Beverly Hills series! And girl power with The Spice Girls! I also love that nightwear became daywear, seeing women wearing a sexy loose silky dress. And how cool is it that trainers and sandals became cool? So that you are both feeling comfortable and modern at the same time! Well, the 90s have some cool trends. Here are my two 90s looks, enjoy!


I think the “wear a t-shirt underneath your strap dress” is so cute and girly! It’s an easy outfit to style, and screams the 90s! If you wear some sneakers with it, it’s even more 90s. Another cool thing about the 90s is the hair which is trendy when some of the hair is up and the rest is down, like the girl in Clueless.

NLY SHOES True Love Sneaker Boot | NLY TREND Perfect Cropped Tee | ADIDAS ORIGINAL Tank Dress | NLY ONE Thin Strap Print Dress | NLY TREND Love Top

posing in the woods by a lake
posing in the woods by a lake
closeup portrait
posing in the woods by a lake


If I was a teenager in the 90s, I would totally be a grunge girl! I love grunge and being a rock chick! When I was in high school, I would often wear leather trousers or ripped denim shorts with a blue checkered shirt, my black All-Stars and a white t-shirt with a print, and my mum’s old oversized denim shirt. Oh, I love that oversized denim shirt! Of course, smokey eyes were a must. Big black military boots are so needed for a 90s grunge look, and then you should tie your checkered shirt around your hips.

STEVE MADDEN Skylar Bootie | NLY TREND Oversize Statement Tee | VERO MODA Vmkatrina Ls Loose Jacket | ONLY Onltia Superstar MW Legging PNT | VILA Vileta T-Shirt | NLY ACCESSORIES Soft Retro Sunglasses

closeup portrait
posing in the woods
closeup portrait
posing in the woods

Which 90s look is your favorite? And how are you mixing your outfit, so it becomes a modern version of the 90s fashion trend?

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  1. Svar


    august 2, 2020

    I haven’t tried yet to wear a t-shirt underneath my dress… but it looks so cool! It reminds me to Britney Spears 90’s videoclips hahaha
    You definitely killed the 90’s vibes that are so in trend right now!

    Eli – Curly Style



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