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august 30, 2021
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I moved into my home about 6 months ago. I haven’t really had time to spruce up my place, but now I had no excuses any longer. Gallerix helped to upgrade my walls, and now my home feels beautiful.

I’ve wanted to create a gallery wall for a long time, and now I finally had the opportunity to do so! It’s an easy job with a little planning and the right tools. Gallery walls have a way of showing your personality through art, whether it might be photography or paintings. Art pieces that have amazed you through time. I find that fascinating, and I love to explore other homes where people have showcased their love for art.

Making a gallery wall with Gallerix

I was so happy when I received my package from Gallerix.

The first thing I did before anything was trying out different kinds of gallery wall layouts. I made various styles in photoshop. And when I received my package, I laid the frames out on a blanket and was very happy with the layout I chose.

Afterward, I used masking tape and arranged it on the wall so I could see how the result would look like. I used the tape as a guideline for the posters. Then I measured the middle of the wall so I knew where I wanted the frames. I started from the bottom and worked my way up. I started with the big Henri Matisse poster, and that was my measure point for the rest of the posters.

Making a gallery wall with Gallerix


  • Pick different sizes to create a beautiful mix of art.
  • You can always make a color palette for your art to make it easy to choose from.
  • Use tape or paper to place on the wall in the right measurements to see how the result will look.
  • Lay out the frames on the floor to try different layouts.


Making a gallery wall with Gallerix
Making a gallery wall with Gallerix
Making a gallery wall with Gallerix


Matisse Cutout Woman Poster (50×70)

I think most people have a soft spot for Henri Matisse inspired posters. This one is inspired by his cut-out piece called “Nu Bleu” translated “Blue Nude”.

Lemon Pear Poster (30×40)

A classic fruit poster is a must-have if you ask me. I love this one and I could even have a whole fruit series with my favorite fruits.

Monet Garden In Argenteuil Poster (50×70)

The French painter Claude Monet made 10 paintings of his rented house and garden at Argenteuil. His paintings have always been some of my favorites.

Ficus Robusta Poster (21×30)

As a huge lover of nature, why not have art pieces of it on my walls. That way I can be surrounded by nature in my own home.

With the code Kathrine30, you have the chance to upgrade your walls with 30% off the order!

Making a gallery wall with Gallerix


– Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr


Gallerix has a large selection of posters. Photography, illustrations, Nature, and Botanical posters are just a few of what they have to offer. As they explain themselves “Despite the wide stylistic selection in our collection, it is minimalism and simplicity in Scandinavian design that is the source of our inspiration.” And that is truly why their posters fit in any home, regardless of style. Another plus is, they care about the environment. Their printing is certified to ISO 14001 and has a Swan certificate.

Lilies Poster | Glenfinnan Railway Poster | Astrid Poster | William Morris No3 Poster | Dessin Artistique No2 Poster | River Boats Poster | Close To Kiss No1 Poster | Chrysanthemum No2 Poster

Making a gallery wall with Gallerix

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