How To Get The Job – Tips For Job Interviews & Your CV

juni 22, 2020

Hi guys. If you’re searching for a job like me, and find it quite difficult, maybe you need to redo your CV and application or the way you do your interview. Keep reading to get some cool ideas and tips, so you can get your dream job.


  • Have a nice but simple design – And a relevant design for the job. E.g. a creative job allows a very creative, colorful and fun design (e.g. working as a photographer, or a SoMe designer), but a not creative job needs to be simple and easy to read (e.g. working in a bank or a shop).
  • Have a formal and fun – but correct language to catch the attention of the reader (Don’t be afraid to write in everyday language, and use your sense of humor. They read a lot of applications, and many of them sound the same. Therefore, us a light, fun, humoristic language to catch their attention. Although, you need to be writing correct grammar and not use slang.
  • Remember to write down your info, and write the address & name of the company, to show them that it’s a specific application to them – and not an application you copy paste and send to every company. An application is normally just the letter to your future workplace, where the CV contains your experience and the info with your address, mobile no. and so on. But it’s a good idea to write down a “to” and “from” at the top of your application.
  • Make a headline for your application letter that will catch their attention. Read through their job posting, see what they are looking for (e.g. an outgoing shop assistant, with a flair for fashion & customer service. Now you can use that for your title “Are you searching for an outgoing shop assistant, with a flair for fashion & customer service?”. Your title can also be: “I’m skilled in fashion and customer service, am I your new employee?”. Be creative and catch their attention.
  • Write your application as if it was a love letter. Don’t start the letter by talking about yourself and how good you are. It’s boring! Write the application as if you were writing a love letter, meaning, that if you want to get the boy or girl, you always try to talk about them and how beautiful and smart they are. Do your research, find out if the company got a price if they did a new thinking project if they work with a volunteer group to support money to the poor people or help people with cancer. Use all this to write how cool they are, and that’s why you want to work for them and not some other company. (E.g. “Who doesn’t want to work for a firm that won the Gazelle prize in 2019? I’m also very impressed by your GO3-robot model which uses less energy than former models and helps firms to work in a safer manner. I would love to work for your company since I also care about the environment and safety at workplaces myself”.


  • Before the interview, do some high-power poses, e.g. at the toilet or before you step into the building. Research proves that by doing power poses right before the interview, you will actually feel more confident. I know, it sounds strange, and it’s a bit awkward to do the power poses, but it works! We know how much the body and brain are connected to each other, and effects or mood, health, and wellbeing. One power pose is “wonder woman” where you stand straight and but your hands at your hips. This one is easy to do in a room with people, without looking all weird. Another power pose is “tall and proud”, where you stand up straight, and put your hands up in the air with straight arms. The important thing is to do the power poses before the job interview and not during the job interview. Power poses are all about standing your ground, standing straight, putting your arms in ways to look big and look confident. Search for “high and low power poses” at the internet to find out more about it, or look for a video online.
  • “Talk with your hands” during the job interview. Have your hands over the table, and use them when you’re talking or explaining something. Try also to show your palms. This shows confidence and the feeling of being accommodating. Some people “talk with their hands” naturally, some people need to practice and make it a habit. Do never put your hands under the table! This is a low power pose and shows that you are shy or confident.
  • Try to imitate the job interviewer’s power pose & body language. You never use only high power poses during an interview, since it can make you look arrogant, too confident, and your future boss will think you can be too difficult and stubborn to work with. Although you never use only low power poses, since you will seem like you don’t believe in yourself. Therefore, try to copy your future boss’s body language. If he is very relaxed and uses a bit low power poses, it would be awkward to use high power poses. If your future boss uses a bit high power poses, it’s okay that you do it yourself. If the job interviewer has his one hand at his face or leans back in his chair, you can try to do this during the interview. Copying another person’s body language makes the impression that you two are at the same level, and talk to each other as two individuals being friends.
  • Talk slow and with a loud voice at the job interview. If you have a low voice, don’t be afraid to talk so loudly that you feel as if you are screaming. A lot of shy people talk with a low and soft voice, and people can find it difficult to hear them. Therefore, remember to talk with a strong loud voice. When you’re nervous to tend to talk fast. Try to slow down, take a breath, and talk slowly. By doing this, you will seem confident and can cover up your anxiety.
  • Smile and keep eye contact doing the job interview. Even if you’re shy and want to look away, remember to have an open facial expression. Look people in the eye sometimes, and smile a lot during the interview – even if it’s a fake smile. The more you practice to smile to people (sometimes for no reason), the better you will get. Some people smile without thinking about it, but it’s very important to think about your facial expression. It’s important to have eye contact with the job interviewer, but remember not to stare at people. Sometimes it’s ok to look down and then look up at eye contact again.
  • Try to control the conversation during the job interview. Job interviews can be very different from one another. Some CEOs talk a lot, some let you start the conversation. No matter what, it’s good if you can take over the conversation, talk about your experiences, and talk about the things you’re good at. If you control the conversation, it shows interest, leadership, and engagement and that you are capable of acting fast and be social.
  • Practice some answers to questions at home that you think they will ask you. Sometimes the interviewer will ask you typical questions like “why did you choose to apply to our company?” “Tell me about yourself” “are you used to working with the program we use?” “why should we hire you?” “Tell me 3 things you’re good at”, but sometimes they can ask questing’s that you didn’t expect, and this is where you have to answer quickly, confident, and make up some answer. Never answer “I don’t know, I didn’t think about it”! No matter what, try to come with an answer. A question could be “what can you bring from your education to this work position?”.
  • Get personal but not private. If you get the question “tell me about yourself” talk about how you started to get interested in programming or photographing, don’t talk about how much you love to watch movies or go for walks in the forest in your spare time. Be professional, not private – unless they ask and want to know if you have children, a boyfriend e.g.

There are more tips and ideas for getting a job, and I could come up with a lot more, but then this post would be too long! I hope you can use some of the tips, and if you did use some of them, please comment below and tell me how it worked out. I’m still looking for a job myself, but I’m sure I’ll get my dream job at some point. And don’t be too hard on yourself, we all know that the COVDID-19 situation just makes it even more difficult to get a job. Good luck and hope you will get the job you always wanted!

Written by me | Graphics by Kathrine




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