Exercise & Feeling Good | My New Passion For Dancing

september 5, 2020

It’s no secret that I have been gaining weight, lately. The camera doesn’t lie. In the last half-year, I have been quitting horse riding, drives around in my car instead of cycling and started on some medicine that makes me gain weight like crazy. I feel very uncomfortable about my weight, since I have stepped up two clothing sizes, and I found it necessary to start doing some exercise. Therefore, I have started to dance. I love dancing and moving around to a great beat, and I also do my 10-20 mins of yoga every day. Around two times a week, I dance with one of my friends, and we do some choreography together and have a lot of fun doing that.

The most important thing, when finding a sport, is the fact that you have fun. Don’t pump weights and run, if it doesn’t motivate you. Find a sport you enjoy or a sport you are really passionate about. Some people will maybe disagree with me, in addition to my need for weight loss, but the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your body. I’ve always been slim, and to gain so much weight over half a year, has been a challenge for me since I feel so different in my body. My future plan is to slowly tap out of my medicine in corporation with my doctor, so I can feel healthy again, and focusing on more important things, than how my body looks and feels. Doing exercise and eating healthy is more about you being happy, and feeling good about yourself, than focusing on losing weight. Therefore, find your inner peace, and love yourself. No matter if you’re a bit smaller or bigger than you wish.

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  1. Svar


    september 11, 2020

    Hi! Thank you for your kind comment you left almost a year ago. Blogger was not posting or notifying me of comments so I was just able to see it! I hope you are doing well 🙂



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