januar 23, 2020
walking with my puppy

Hello! I’m very excited to tell you all about my sweet dog, Nunuu. He’s a mix of a long-haired and a short-haired Chihuahua. I got him when he was about 11 weeks old. When I first saw him, he was so cute and small! I know he’ll continue being small – He’s a Chihuahua puppy! But honestly, I was in shock of how small he was because I’m so used to big dogs.

Because of this reason, my boyfriend and I chose to name him Nunuu, which means “little baby” or “sweet little one” in Greenlandic. I love Nunuu so much, and he means everything to me. But if you’ve fallen in love with those cute puppy eyes, you should better continue reading, because it’s hard work to have the responsibility of a small breathing creature. In that case, I made 5 things that speak against having a dog, and 5 things that speak for having a dog:

You’re not ready to have a dog if…

  1. You enjoy the single life and therefore have the freedom to come home late at night in the weekends.
  2. You travel or work a lot. Always home late or gone for several weeks/months.
  3. Your income is very low, and you barely manage to pay the bills.
  4. You’re not thinking about how your life will look like in 5-10 years.
  5. You hate cleaning and to have the responsibility for others.

You’re ready to have a dog if…

  1. You stay home a lot and have the time for a dog.
  2. You like to go on long walks, also in rain or otherwise harsh weather conditions.
  3. You can afford medical treatments or saving money for it.
  4. You know you can commit to a dog the further 10-15 years.
  5. You want to train your dog, and spend time to teach good manners.
posing with my puppy

If you feel like you’re ready to take care of a dog, there are some things you should discuss with yourself…

  • Which dog breed? (family dog, a less active dog, a guarding dog? etc.)
  • Is everybody in your family (e.g. your boy/girlfriend) more than happy to help with the dog?
  • Which rules should exist? (is the dog allowed on the sofa?)
  • Remember to socialize your dog with other dogs (e.g. contact a dog training club)
  • How will you manage the training? The dog needs a loving but consistent leader.
out for a stroll with puppy

Personally, Nunuu is my first dog. Although I’ve always had a good relationship with animals and experience with training.

My boyfriend Emil has a Labrador mix, which lives at his parents’ house. Having Nunnu has given us more happiness in our everyday life. Nunuu is always super happy and ready to cuddle.

hugging my puppy

If you’re interested in hearing more about my lovely Chihuahua dog, you’re welcome to check out his profile on Instagram @nunuu_the_chihuahua




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