5 Fun Facts You May Not Know About Pregnancy

juni 18, 2021
Before my pregnancy, there were some things about pre and post-birth that I had knowledge about, but during my pregnancy I have found out much more details – some are weird and funny. So, let’s take a look at “5 fun facts that you may not know about pregnancy”.

1. Fact – Swallowed Up Like A Water Melon

Your body will look all swallowed up during your pregnancy because you will get water in your body. It’s not dangerous, and it’s a typical pregnancy gene that epically shows late in the pregnancy. This water swelling is caused by the increasing hormones in your body, and increasing fluid penetration through the wall of the blood vessels. Although, if your face is swelling up really bad after pregnancy week 20, it can be a sign of preeclampsia, and you must call your doctor. So, remember to remove your jewelry placed on your fingers, before it’s too painful or too late to get them off. Because trust me, your fingers will grow twice the size. During this swelling, you may feel fat and unattractive. Just remember, it’s not fat, but only water that will leave your body again once you have giving birth.

2. Fact – Sweating Like A Pig

When pregnant, you may one day wake up in a pile of sweat. This sweating thing is also most likely during the first months, and you can sweat both night and day, and you may want to place a towel under your back when going to bed since the bed can be all wet of sweat the following morning. It’s aging caused by the increasing hormones, which makes your body temperature high, and your body sweat to control and lower your body temperature. I experience this for almost a week, at the beginning of my pregnancy. It wasn’t that bad, but it was uncomfortable feeling warm the whole day, while other people were shaking their heads, while you were asking “Isn’t it hot in here?”.

3. Fact – Growing Feet

So, because of the water in your body, your feet will be all swelled up, and you may need to buy a pair of shoes that is one size bigger than your normal size. But this will end after you have given birth, right? Not necessarily. Some women will really grow bigger feet, some will even grow two shoes’ sizes bigger than before, while other women will get their normal shoe size back. If you like most women love shoes, and have tons of expensive shoe wear in your wardrobe, be prepared that you may need to get rid of it all, and but some new shoes in bigger size. A very scary but true pregnancy genes.

4. Fact – A Bloody Nose

Like most people, I never really get a bloody nose. So, I was surprised when blood was running from my nose, and it all looked so dramatic on the paper I used to clean it with. But this is all normal, while being pregnant. It is caused by your mucous membrane in your nose being all swelled up, and normally you don’t need to treat it and it’s not dangerous. But sure, it’s handy to always have a Kleenex nearby.

5. Fact – Pigment Changes In Your Face

Sure enough, the pregnancy hormones in your body can cause pigment changes at your face and body. While you may have heard of the brown stripe from your belly button and down, called Linea nigra, you may not have heard about getting increasing freckles or brown spots at your face, or suddenly getting new birthmarks. For some mums the pigment changes will disappear after giving birth, for some people it will stay. We will see which category I’ll fit in, since I have been blessed with bigger and more freckles, than I normally get in the summer.

There are so many other pregnancy genes, but I chose these since I’ve never heard about them, and though you may also find out some new information. But don’t you worry about these pregnancy genes. Being pregnant is the most beautiful and giving thing in the world. You’re carrying a life, and no matter what you will have to go through, your little angel will be all worth it.
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    juni 30, 2021

    Thanks for sharing such a great idea, looking forward for the next post!

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