februar 11, 2020

I try to do yoga for 10 minutes every day. If it was five years ago, I would never consider doing yoga. Especially not on a regular basis. I’ve always been the sporty one. Doing the kind of sport where you get your heart rate up. I would be playing soccer in the school breaks, loving the sports classes at school, playing badminton once a week with my friend, horse-riding every day, and daily running just for the fun of it.

I never really considered stretching and flexibility exercise a sport, until now. So why am I a huge fan of yoga now? Well, I need yoga in my life to slow down my “busy” every day. Since I stopped doing sports – because I was “too busy” with the university, I got a bit stressed and worried about passing exams. I downgraded sports in order to focus and have more time on my education. Of course, it’s important to take your time to study – especially when it’s a Danish University with 90% self-study. But since I stopped doing sports, I got more tired in my head and felt less motivated.

Exercise is such a huge part of our mental health and determines our quality of life. I’m not saying that you should start running a marathon if you also lack some movement in your life. Walking, cycling or some stretches are a good way to start. I use yoga to slow down my brain since I’m always worrying about unnecessary stuff and I sometimes get stress from the smallest things. In addition, I enjoy yoga because I spend a lot of my time working in front of a computer, and I do “morning yoga” or “stretching yoga” to avoid pain in my back or shoulder from sitting in the same position. If you like yoga, you can also do yoga that will get your heartbeat up or yoga for building muscles and endurance. One of my favorite yoga videos is this morning routine. As I said, I’ve never been a huge fan of yoga, but my sister introduced it to me, and now I’m very happy she did. You don’t need to be an expert. It’s all about training and listening to your body. I still do my “yoga for beginners”, just to feel good about myself.


  1. Download an app (meditation, calm music) e.g. the Danish app “Eksamenshjælp”. If you’re stressed, you can always grab your phone and find the app, and use it for some minutes.
  2. Go for a quick walk every day (to get fresh air and put your phone away).
  3. Visit a nice green area (a forest, the beach or somewhere nice).
  4. Find a sport you enjoy (e.g. yoga, swimming, meditation, dancing, cycling).
  5. Team up with a friend – taking walks or doing sports is easier when you have someone to do it with).
  6. Take some time without looking at a screen/using your mobile or tablet, the light is hard for your eyes.
  7. Write down 3 things you are happy that you have/contains every night (e.g. I always help people, I love my family, I have a nice apartment). Being positive can help keep the stress down.
  8. Spend 10 minutes every day, laying down, relaxing and listening to mindfulness. Our brain needs a break of total silence one in a while (e.g. this youtube video).
  9. Make agreements with friends and family – even if you’re busy with work! Laughing and being with people we love, gives us energy. The energy you can use for work the next day.
  10. Be present/be at the moment. Focus on what you’re doing now, it helps you not to stress over things you have to do later.
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  1. Svar


    februar 12, 2020

    Those are great tips! It’s important to practice some of them at least once a day!!



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