oktober 7, 2018

We are stepping into fall. The days are getting colder and darker. We have to let go of the floral dresses and skirts and get back to layers of knits and shirts.

When it comes to fall, I always use colors like orange, yellow, brown, beige. I keep coming back to these colors through my outfits, and I love it! I’m still obsessed with plaid blazers, also because the blazers fit perfect for the season we are entering. There are also many textures, layers and darker colors in play that match the beautiful season.

I don’t really have a favorite season, because I love small things of each season, but I must admit that the colors of the changing leaves and the fresh air makes me appreciate fall just a bit more.

I found this beautiful blazer in H&M some weeks ago. And the boots from Dr. Martens are ones I’ve been wanting to get for a long time now.


Thank you for reading!


  1. Svar


    december 10, 2018

    Love those shoes

  2. Svar

    Magaret Kwong

    januar 23, 2019

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